Friday, June 29, 2012

Sort Of, Kind Of, Maybe...Yes?

It's a terrible idea.

The worst.

We never should.

We never will. 

I kind of want to.

I know I can't.

But maybe if only.

But it never will.

Let's stop before we start.

Maybe we can start a little.

We never, ever, ever better.

It's for the best.

Let's forget this for a while.

Let's not think about forevers.

I kind of think I want to.

I want to not to want to.

I like the way I want to.

Maybe I know it, too.

It's a perfect plan.

It's best left to plan.

Let's never, ever, ever start.

I hope we never stop.

The more we do.

The more we don't.

But if we did.

Best we didn't.

It's sort of a good dream.

It shouldn't be.

Let's pretend we do.

Let's pretend we did.

Let's forget we didn't.

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